You're in Reilly's MP3 Store


Stick this thing in your ear the kids said...... Stick in your X%@!! I said!  What's all this rubbish where's the proper earphones  that came from the Army surplus Stores! At least if you couldn't hear they kept your ears warm!

No.. they are the 'in thing' they said just go to Reillys' MP3 Store and you can get one, they're the future!  Yeh!  alright so was the walkman  and cassette players, where are they now'  I said?  Reillys' MP3 Store sells them too they said.

I'm not going to win this am I?  But just tell me what happens when they're bunged up with ear wax? does Reillys' MP3 Store sell  cotton buds or ear syringes? No, But you can buy cds with tunes already in MP3 format

All I hear  Reillys' MP3 Store  and I'm deaf! .

There are some benefits in blocking your ears You can't hear the wife or the kids.  Course the downside is you have to listen to Dooup dooupp dooup all the BLOODY TIME!