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They say you can use more brain cells looking at a  wall than you do watching TV. Yeh! so when did a brick wall every scare the pants of you?

When was the last time you wiped your eyes because of a brick wall?  Ok so you bumped your head 'fair doos' but how often has a brick wall  had you sat on the edge of your seat?   NO, not you Humpty Dumpty!

Come and have a look round Reillys'  DVD store It's more exciting than any brick wall you've ever seen.  Looking for love? I got tons of it old, new and some second hand!  Looking for a laugh? Then come into Reillys' DVD store and get a belly full of fun and comedy that is suitable for all ages.

Want a 'weepy'?  Don't bang your head on the wall again, come into Reillys' DVD store. Fill your home with dead bodies and policemen,  Let James Bond have a Martini in your company, you'll be stirred not the drink.