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This shop has tender love pouring from every shelf, sinister characters lurk in every corner, dead bodies are stacked high and the place is full of detectives.

On top of that we have battles and wars raging, spies following each other and so much intrigue I don't even  trust  me!  

We have  Kings' Queens, Princes and Princesses. This place is so full of royalty you'll have to touch your forelock to enter


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Have you  got a computer?  Sure you have, and  that's handy because you can download books straight away they're called E-book Store and you can select your titles and have them delivered immediately. 

Poor old postman he's being replaced by downloads from diesel E-book Store.  No more worrying about taking a dodgy title to the counter, no-one sees your choice but you!

That's handy because you can get some really steamy stuff from here.  

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